After the hard days of coffee picking people in Coorg celebrate varieties of village festivals. The Coorgs worship 3 main gods. Aiyappa, the Coorg forest god, Mahadeva, the Siva of the Hindus and Bhagavathi his wife. I come from a small village called Arameri.During the month of April we celebrate a 3 day long festival worshipping goddesses Bhagavathi; during these festival villagers seek god’s grace to bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to the village and themselves. One of the villagers takes the responsibility to offer free meals during festival. Fun games and coconut shooting competition are the key events during the festival. The festival has a mentioned in the book Coorg gazette 1898 during the time the festival was a 10 days event similar festivals are celebrated across Coorg with grandeur. 6 kms from our village at nearby chambebellur, villagers celebrate one of the famous and peculiar festival called Bode namme. The villagers here believe that one’s demands will come to reality if one makes a pledge before the village deity of Chambebellur, Goddess Bhadrakali. When the demands are answered, the devotees disguise themselves in various forms and go on begging for alms from house to house, to fulfill the vow, no matter how rich the devotee is. My uncle who hails from the village gets drenched in mud every year no matter what to please the lord.

The annual “Kunde Habba”, a traditional festival of the tribal peoples “Kurubas “is one of the most unique festivals in Coorg. The use of expletives marks the festival. Mythology has it that Lord Ayyappa and Goddess Bhadrakali betrayed the tribal people and in revenge, they abuse them to get back their affection.

In fact, Each Village in Coorg celebrates their own festival worshipping their god with great grandeur to seek blessing for good health & prosperity.

For a Traveler, these divine celebrations gives you an experience to see the ancient rituals that still exist in Modern Coorg and depict the Spirituality of Coorg Warriors   


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