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The Festival of Weapons - KailPodh

The Kodavas are ethnically and culturally distinct people with unique cultures and traditions different from other parts of Karnataka Right from their traditional attire the way women tie their sarees to the deities worshipped and the festivals celebrated Coorg is a land of all things unique It is interesting to know that weapons form an integral part of Coorg traditions and customs because of the

CAMPING IN COORG - 7 reasons why you should camp with us!

Has camping in Coorg ever been on your bucket list Now is the time to tick this off as we bring to you safe secure comfortable and accessible treks for the perfect weekend getaway Just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of the city get lost with nature at our exclusive campgrounds Here are seven reasons why camping in Coorg is best with us 1 Stay closest to nature We have taken the utmost ca


Out of all the experiences in Coorg and the several options of places to stay there is nothing like living in a Kodava home Homestays have taken over the hospitality industry in Coorg and there is only one reason for this Nothing like a Kodava s hospitality Coorg Express has handpicked six stays that speak leaps and bounds about Coorg its culture its food its location and its specialty Check out t


It is no doubt that the greenest months of Coorg are between June and September While the little town is a great destination to visit all year round there is something particular about visiting Coorg during its monsoon months While many may call this time offseason we call it the best season Right from the first drops of rain Coorg is full of surprises With lush green forests and plantations encha

Of festivals, Celebration and Beliefs..

Of festivals Celebration and Beliefs After the hard days of coffee picking people in Coorg indulge themselves in array of village festivals The Coorgs worship 3 main gods Aiyappa the Coorg forest god Mahadeva the Siva of the Hindus and Bhagavathi his wife I hail from a small village called Arameri During the month of April we celebrate a 3 day long festival worshipping goddesses Bhagavathi during

Tropical Rush - An Adventure Overload !

Tropical rush is Conceptualized by Coorgexpress an Adventure travel Company who pioneer in offbeat adventure experiences to Coorg The team comprises of young professionals who bring in a lot of enthusiasm and optimism every day at work At Tropical Rush we believe that deep down every person has the grit to become an adventurer and we work to create life changing experiences for those who accept th

The Kunde Tale

Imagine a day off to indulge in binge drinking abusing and masquerading It is that time of the year again the Festival of abusing god also popularly known as the Kunde Namme is a merry day for the nomadic hill tribes belonging to the Jenu Kurubas Betta Kurubas and Yeravas sects Mythology has it that Lord Ayyappa the hunter god abandoned the tribes on a hunting expedition by following Goddess Bhadr

All About Coorg

The wonder that is India is elegantly bestowed with a number of hill stations that can offer you respite from the blazing heat and giving you rejuvenating and inspiring experience amidst the comforting environments of the hills and some very pleasing people to host you Coorg calls Take a time off and explore this little land flourishing in all its abundance of nature and tranquility Coorgexpress t

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